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Vinyl Fence Repair


Crooked fences are a bad look! Fences begin to lean or heave when the post foundations fail. The post foundations fail for one of three reasons: Either the post holes were not dug to the proper depth, the footer wasn't large enough, or the footer has become seperated from the post. This problem typically shows up, first, in the wet areas of the yard and areas that receive a significant amount of wind.


We started in 2007, believing that we could survive and fill a niche, by only fixing other's mistakes. We're now "America's #1 Fence Repair Specialists", the creators of the LOCK-A-POST™ Installtion Method and now offer financing to all of our new fence customers. We spend 80% of our time fixing other companies' work and 20% of our time installing fences that should never need to be fixed. Our fences are not the cheapest but all of our fences are completely guaranteed for 10yrs maintenance-free, no questions asked and are built to last 50-100 years



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Why Fence

The answer is simple…You save money on fence materials by only replacing what's actually broken or just the parts that were improperly installed.


If your Chain-Link Fence was hit by a tree, it does not mean you need to replace the whole fence. Is your wooden gate malfunctioning? Is your fence starting to sag or lean? Vinyl Fence cracked? Now's the time to request a Fence Repair Quote. We'll be in touch as soon as possible! 


Fence Repair is not inexpensive, but it is cost effective. 


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